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More than a coffee sleeve. Can you handle it?

About Us

What is a JavaHolder?

The JavaHolder instantly turns your hard-to-hold hot drink into a comfortable mug for on the go. 

100% Recycled Fibers

This cup holder is made from 100% pre and post-recycled paper. It’s 100% earth-loving.

Innovative Break-Through Design

The JavaHolder is a patented design which offers a comfortable, secure, and sturdy holder for your coffee. US patented and other patents pending. 

Is the JavaHolder Strong Enough?


A solution needed

Coffee sleeves have been unchanged since the first ones were invented decades ago. The JavaHolder is a whole new concept for your cup of coffee. It'll keep your hands away from the hot coffee and stabilize the cup at the same time.

Easy to use

Just open it up and slip it on. Fits most paper and even foam cups.

Just what your coffee drinking customers want

Tested and approved by cafe goers all over the US. The "secure feeling it gives" is the number one reason people just love it. 

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